How and what kind of material do I need to send?

For serological examination you can send a 10 ml blood tube. For direct immunofluorescence a biopsy of 4mm can be sent in normal saline and must be received by the laboratory within 24 hours. Both materials can be sent at room temperature. You can find the address of the laboratory on the contact page.

Where can I find the application forms?

Application form for serological testing Application form for biopsy immunofluorescence

How long does it take before I can expect a result?

A provisional result can be expected within a month of receipt. The definitive result within 6 weeks of receipt. The reports will be submitted by mail.

What are the costs?

Below you can see an overview of the costs. For further information you can contact us by sending an email to labimmunodermatologie@umcg.nl or you can call +3150-3612871.

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